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Shin ye htut general construction we can provide following construction works (A to Z)

  1. To get for building construction permit from y.c.d.c (or) ministry of construction (or) government
  2. To get old building destroy permit from y.c.d.c (or) government
  3. Old building destroy works
  4. Excavation work
  5. Building drawing design (architecture design)
  6. Earth work ,soil test
  7. Foundation work
  8. Mini bore pile,
  9. Bore pile ,jacket pile
  10. Retaining wall, sheet pile
  11. Press pile , load test,
  12. Building pre survey
  13. Fire protection work.
  14. Archy drawing construction
  15. Soldier pileework
  16. M & E design (waste water, tube water, electric)
  17. Pae design value
  18. Unith bath supply
  19. Electrical wire and work supply
  20. Steel structure design
  21. Steel structure car parking design and work
  22. Interior design
  23. Exterior design
  24. Structure survey
  25. Steel work and concrete work
  26. B.C.C (stay permit) from Y.C.D.C (or) Government (or) Ministray of Construction.


  1. Construction material rental service
  2. Machine, crane, truck, pile, bore, rental and advice service.
  3. Concrete supply.
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