About Shin Ye Htut Company


Mr.Ye Htut


Chairman for (Group of Companies)


- Shin Ye Htut Hotels Business

- Taw Wun Myint Ruby Trading Co., Ltd.

- Tiger Jade Co., Ltd.

- Centre of New Myanmar Travels & Tours Co., Ltd.

- Shin Ye Htut Agriculture Products And Plantation Fields & Konjac Plantation

- Shin Ye Htut Milling Factory Manufacturing & Mines

- Jewellery And Gems Shops

- Souvenir and Gift Shops

- Centre of New Myanmar Trading Export & Import Co., Ltd., Jelly Fish And Salted Factory

- Centre of New Myanmar Labour Oversea Employment


- Chairman, Shin Ye Htut Group

- Chairman, Shin Ye Htut Foundation

- Member of, Myanmar Japan Friendship Association

- Member of, Myanmar Construction Association Member No, 1689

- Member of, Hotel Association

- Member of, Myanmar Gems & Jewellery Association

- Member of, Myanmar Pulse, Beans & Seasame Seeds Merchant Association

- Member of, Myanmar Agriculture, Food Export Association

- Member of, Myanmar Fishery Association

- Member of, Myanmar UMFCCI

International Sport Experience

- Participated 5th World Karate-do Championship (Yokohama)

- 3rd Dan and 4th Dan Karate-do International Experience


Company’s Experience

- Since 1994 to 2017

Foreign Experience

-Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Thailand,

 Philippine, etc...

International Seminars And
Meetings Attended

- Japan Alumini Meeting ASCOJA , Philippine Makati 2001

- Japan Myanmar Friendship Association Annual Meeting

  Nagoya (Japan) (with Myanmar Embassy’s official)

- Japan Myanmar Business Delegation Meeting

  Reigha Royal Hotel (Kyoto), Japan

- Kyoto West Rotary Club Speech (Myanmar no kokoro)

  Reigha Royal Hotel (Kyoto), Japan

- Kyoto Shichiku Rotary CLub Speech (How to do Business in   

  Myanmar) Kyoto Brighton Hotel, Japan

International Trade Fairs

- Japan Jewellery Association

  10th International Jewellery Show (Tokyo-1999)

- Japan Jewellery Association

  6th International Jewellery Show (Kobe -2002)

- Japan Jewellery Association

  14th International Jewellery Show (Tokyo-2003)

- Japan Jewellery Association

  15th International Jewellery Show (Tokyo-2004)

- Japan Jewellery Association

  9th International Jewellery Show (Kobe -2005)

- Japan Jewellery Association

  17th International Jewellery Show (Tokyo -2006)

  (with Myanmar Ministry of Mines’ Officials)

- Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2007

Honours received from

- Shichiku Rotary Club in (Kyoto), Japan

- Japan Myanmar Friendship Association, Japan

- West Rotary Club (Kyoto), Japan

- One Asia Club , Korea

- Kyoto Smiles Association (Japan)

- South East Asia Exchange Association, Japan

Co-ordinator for Primary School Donation from Japan

Pyay Township, Bago Division

-Donated (7) Primary School (Teyakora)

new building co-operated with Pyay Development Association

Kanma Township, Magawe Division
(1) Kyauk Pyouk village Primary School and Clinic Medicine, Lighting.
(2) Si village Primary School
(3) Pin Ka Dai village Primary School and Clinic
(4) Kyauk Saung village School renovation and Medicine for Clinic

Special Co-operation for Japan-Myanmar Memorial Mark (Friendship Relation)


U Ye Htut Supported, special co-operation Memorial mark for
Japan - Myanmar friendship relation (Posthumous) in
World War (II) in Mandalayhill (near the Ngone Min Zay Ti).

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